Charles Johnson, EDTS


Mercel Bernal Pedro, Merchant e-Solutions




Athens Research and Technology, Inc.

Brian Rhodes, TaxSlayer

Chris Hurley, IntelliSystems

Eric Bradley, TaxSlayer

Kathryn Gill, Tin Roof Software

Matt Pfaltzgraf, Softgiving

Mr. John Wirth, Daugherty Business Solutions

Nancy Williams, ASAP Solutions Group

Neal Richardson, QGenda

Seller Labs

Tori Levine 



Alien Vault, EDTS

Brandon Checketts, Seller Labs

CMA Technology

Dan and Mellie O’Keefe, Daugherty Business Solutions

Dung Phung, EDTS


Grainger Companies, Speros

Infinity, Inc.

Kevin Hendrick, EDTS

Kevin Wade, IntelliSystems

Lions Club, Speros

Nathen Dees, GEICO

Randy Friedberg, CNSG, Speros


ANYONE! Whoever makes a major donation or matches donations up to $500 or more will be recognized by name on the Bytes for Bites website based on the levels listed below. You could even have multiple VIPs from your team. This includes:

  • Your firm or company (we can look up if you already have a matching program in place!)
  • A managing partner or employee
  • A client
  • An outside company, group, or individual
Platinum $10,000+
Gold $5,000+
Silver $2,500+
Bronze $1,000+
Copper $500+


While anyone can simply make a major donation and be recognized as a VIP, we encourage you to increase employee engagement by offering to “match donations.” Here are examples:

  • Matching Ratios. The matcher can “DOUBLE DONATIONS” by pledging to donate $1 for every $1 raised during the competition or TRIPLE donations by donating $2 for every $1 raised. They can also do a .5 = 1 ratio, 50 cents for every $1 raised, and so on.
  • You can apply a maximum to matching. The matcher can pledge to match up to $1,000 in donations or $5,000 in donations, etc.
  • Limit matching to a specific day. The matcher could pledge to match all donations on the first day of the competition or the final day.
  • Have an idea? Let us know! We are open to creative matching ideas that will increase your impact.



  • Increase your ability to fight hunger! This will increase employee buy-in! Studies show that mentioning matching has led to a 51% increase in donations from individuals. Every match has the possibility to double or triple the amount of meals the food banks can distribute with your donations.
  • Get an edge in the competition! The matching contribution will count towards your firm or organization’s Bytes for Bites point total, so you will be much more competitive!
  • Get extra recognition! This is an excellent opportunity to enhance your brand and to gain recognition on the Bytes for Bites website. The matcher will be placed in one of the recognition tiers below based on how much they pledge to donate and, ultimately, how much they do donate.